Week 6 Presentation Draft (25 points) here is question. thetopic is last weeks outline one. this one i talked about you gaveme last week topic Eric Schemdit. i am sorry i thought i postedquestion. but i did not. msg me plz. Create and submit a roughdraft of a PowerPoint a visual representation of the leadershipproject you planned in your outline. It does not have to be prettyor polished at this point but it should contain the requirednumber of slides demonstrate that you will cover all requiredcontent and indicate support for the content areas with properlycited authoritative research. If you have never built a PowerPointpresentation before review this information on MicrosoftPowerPoint Basics to learn more. Note: If you are working in agroup you may combine the best parts of your individual outlinesas you develop your groups presentation PowerPoint. All members ofthe group will earn the same grade on the group PowerPointdraft.

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