Instructions: You will conduct a web search on your area offocus using Google Bing Yahoo or any other major search engine.Be sure to take the time to inform yourself on sound researchsources including use of peer reviews as listed in the recommendedand required resources for the week. To get you started view Whatis a Scholarly Journal Article?. Next you will analyze the firstfive results that appear from your search in a table format usingMicrosoft Word. Then using the same keywords you used to searchthe Web you will conduct a search in the Ashford UniversityLibrary using one of the academic databases (ERIC ProQuestEBSCOhost and so forth) and create a table using Microsoft Word.Finally you will select two sources from either table that youfeel are the best overall based on currency credibilityauthority and academic integrity and construct a summary. For eacharticle in your tables use the following format:

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