Identify which of the following statements regarding peptide-MHC molecule interactions are correct. (Select all that apply.) a. Peptides with different amino acid sequences may be able to bind to the same type of MHC molecule. b. Covalent bonds hold the peptide in the groove of the MHC molecule. c. The length of peptides bound by MHC class I molecules is shorter than that of those bound by MHC class II molecules. d. The groove of the MHC molecule is deep enough to accommodate two or more peptides. e. Binding pockets of MHC molecules anchor the side chains of only certain amino acids of the peptide. f. The amino- and carboxy-terminal amino acids of peptides are used for binding to MHC class I molecules, whereas amino acids along the length of the peptide are used for binding to MHC class II molecules. g. Only non-self peptides form stable interactions with MHC molecules. h. The type of MHC molecule presenting a non-self protein is informative regarding whether the pathogen originated from an intracellular or extracellular source.

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