Explain graphically, an implant failure of a metal and compare it with a ceramic. Discuss the differences in detail while explaining the changes in the failure profiles of each. B Nutritional analysis and calorie intake 1. Write down all foods consumed & calorie-containing beverages (omit tea, coffee) for ONE DAY ONLY. Estimate portion size or quantities. 2. Enter these values into the Macdiet CPU program for analysis (see other handout) C. Estimated Energy Requirements 1. Calculation of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) a. Determine your BODY SURFACE AREA from Table C 3 on handout. 1. convert your height to cm (inches x 2.54) and your weight to Kg (lbs 12.2) 2. mark where your height & weight intersect; this is your body Surface Area. B. Determine your BMR FACTOR from Table C

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