Describe and provide examples of the three main categories of cellular junctions and (B, 4pts) explain why all may be needed to help a tissue function properly (i.e., why are all three better than not having all three?). 4. Answer ONE of the following questions: A. Describe Katz’s experiment that demonstrated that calcium is needed for NT release. B. Describe Hodgkin’s Cold Block experiment and the importance of those results C. Describe Loewi’s experiment that demonstrated that most communication between neurons and their targets is chemical D. Explain the results of the London cabbie study and why it was so important. S. (A; 6pts) Describe what happens at an axon terminus of a chemical synapse from the moment an action potential arrives until a response is seen in the postsynaptic cell. (B; 4pts) Describe two methods of ending synaptic transmission.

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