What is secreted by the corpus luteum after ovulation and for what purpose?

– semen is made of secretions from the prostate gland, bulbourethral gland and seminal vesicle ? true or false

– which is not a function of the kidney? regulation of blood ph, regulation blood cell size, or regulation of blood volume. which one of these 3.

– the corona radiate protects the ovum from polyspermy? true or false

– the renin-angiotensin-aldosterona system is mechanism in which glucose level in the blood are regulated to maximize efficiently ? true or false

-what is the correct sequence of filtrate is as follow: glomerular capsule , pct, descending limb, loop of henie, ascending limb, dct, collecting duct, minor calyx, mayor calyx, renal pelvis, ureter and bladder. true or false.

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