Explain the functional relationship between primary motor cortex and motor association areas and how basal nuclei and cerebellum will be involved in these processes. Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding locomotion: o We have the stretch reflex, Golgi tendon reflex, as well as the extensor thrust reflex, and the output of these reflexes cannot be switched from flexion to extension O As the heel strikes the ground, the mechanoreceptors will feed sensory information from your foot before you start the swing phase again O The swing phase starts only if the leg is not bearing weight, the hip is extended, and the opposite leg is in stance phase o We have 2 CPGs, one for flexion & one for extension as a complete set for each leg Which protein forms a dimer with PER to inhibit the transcription of intracellular clock genes? O CLK O Melatonin O TIM O CYC

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