The fact that modern people with non-African ancestry have between 1% and 4% of Neandertal DNA in their genomes suggests there was no gene flow between the Neandertals and Homo sapiens genetic drift was the main cause the Assimilation model of modern human origins may be the most likely scenario gene flow occurred between the Neandertals and Asian archaic Homo sapiens in Australia Question 22 2 pts The robust australopithecines were found only in South Africa where the gracile australopithecines were found in both South and East Africa had larger body size than the gracile australopithecines, had a smooth cranial contour and vertical forehead, had a specialized diet. D Question 23 2 pts Which of the following is NOT a trend of hominin evolution? general reduction of face size increasing proportion of the digestive tract (gut) in relation to brain size increasing brain size reduction of tooth size

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