Briefly describe the different levels of amputation and the types of prostheses available? During his consultation, he admitted to the GP that these problems had arisen a few months back after visiting Singapore and Thailand for a business meeting. He also complained of a vague pain especially towards the right side of his abdomen and some loss of appetite. A general physical examination revealed a borderline enlargement of the liver. A blood sample was taken and the clinically relevant findings are reported below. Test Patient’s Data Reference Range AST 320 IU/L 0 – 41 IU/L ALT 120 IU/L 0 – 45 IU/L ALP 78 IU/L 30 – 115 IU/L GGT 170 IU/L 6 – 37 IU/L Total Bilirubin 18.8 umol/L 3.4 – 20.5 umol/L Glucose 3.22 mmol/L 3.33 – 5.55 mmol/L Uric Acid 640 umol/L 180 – 540 umol/L FBC and Urine analysis results were normal.

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