Hypoxic vasoconstriction is ?Where the number of red blood cells is insufficient A systemic response throughout the cardiovascular system which minimizes tissue uptake of CO2 A mechanism to match vascular perfusion through pulmonary capillaries with alveolar ventilation and oxygenation A dangerous condition where low oxygen decreases blood flow through the pulmonary vascular bed 0 Question 19 5 pts Match the following with their function type I alveolar cells [Choose] type II alveolar cells [Choose ] type A intercalated cells in collecting duct [Choose ] principal cells in collecting duct [Choose] gas exchange H+ secretion sodium reabsorption surfactant production bicarbonate secretion type B intercalated cells in the collecting duct Question 20 5 pts Select all of the following statements that are TRUE low pO2 sensitizes peripheral chemoreceptors central chemoreceptors sense pCO2 in the plasma low pO2 sensitizes central chemoreceptors a low pO2 (less than 70) can stimulate increased respiration central chemoreceptors sense pO2 and pCO2

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