The tonsils located at the base of the tongue are the A. Palatine tonsils B. Laryngeal tonsils C. Lingual tonsils D. Pharyngeal tonsils 63. What is the condition that occurs when immune system looses the ability to distinguish self from foreign ? A. HIV B. Autoimmune diseases C. Inflammation D. AIDS 64. Diana is a dancer who is flexing her body laterally. The muscles help/s in lateral flexion of the body? A. Rectus abdominis B. Transversus abdominis C. External oblique D. A and C E B and C 65. Durring internal respiration A Gases are exchanged between the blood and the tissues B. PO2 in the tissues is 40 mmHg C. The PCO2 in the tissues is 45mmHg D. A and C are correct E. A,B and C are correct

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