Develop a resistance training prescription

65-year-old male. He recently (~2 months ago) had coronary artery bypass surgery. He is retired, and is a former lifelong endurance athlete. He does not smoke. His mother passed away from cancer at age 70 and his father passed away at age 84. He exercised 3-5 days a week before his heart surgery, training for triathlons.

His goals are as follows:

Replace muscle mass lost from his hospital stay
Increase arm and leg muscular strength
Improve his functional mobility
His initial testing data included:

General characteristics
Height = 72 inches
Weight = 145 pounds
Age = 65
Sex = M
Strength testing data
Grip strength = 50 lbs (combined left and right hands)
Leg press 10-RM = 100 lbs
Bloodwork (fasting)
LDL cholesterol = 115
HDL cholesterol = 45
Total cholesterol = 180
Triglycerides = 135
Glucose = 88
Blood pressure = 118/78
Body composition
Percent body fat = 24%
Waist circumference = 80 cm
Waist-to-hip ratio = 0.68
a) Duration of at least 3 months b) Frequency (# days/week) c) Initial conditioning phase of ~4 weeks, structured based on the client’s initial fitness d) Intensity of exercise (% 1-RM or % HRmax or % HRreserve or % VO2max or % VO2reserve e) Exercise mode f) If resistance training is conducted, provide information on sets, reps, and total volume (sets*reps*weight)

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