Which of the following can induce a secondary/acquired immunodeficiency? O A. Radiation B. Drugs C. Viruses D. All of the above. QUESTION 11 Autoimmunity develops when: O A. T-helper cells become phagocytes B. Dendritic cells become self-reactive C. Antibodies are created to self-antigen D. All of the above QUESTION 8 Match the description with the immunodeficiency disorder. Autosomal recessive genetic defect that reduces the ability of phagocytes to destroy bacteria. A. Chediak-Higashi Syndrom White blood cells demonstrate large granules in their cytoplasm. This disorder is also B. Chronic granulomatous dis associated with albinism. C. DiGeorge Syndrome Birth defect that results in the absence of a thymus, facial abnormalities and a heart defect. D. SCID v X-linked defect that impairs the function of both T and B cells, leading to recurrent bacterial infections, decreased IgM, thrombocytopenia and skin rashes. E. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome Impaired phagocytosis and reduced function of antigen presenting cells leads to granuloma formation and increased bacterial and fungal infections. Genetic disorder that affects T cells alone or in combination with B cells and NK cells leading to recurrent infections and a total lack of an immune system.

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