What may have caused the early archaic Homo sapiens in Africa and Asia to look so similar despite being so far apart geographically? natural selection mutation gene flow genetic drift D Question 27 2 pts Which of the following is correct? Archaeologists only study material culture that belonged to people prior to A.D. 1492 Anthropology is a study of humankind, past and present When biological anthropologists study human skeletons, no contextual information is needed. Cultural anthropologists only study people with no contact with the Western world, D Question 24 2 pts Which of the following statements about stone tool traditions is correct? Acheulean bifacial hand axes can be produced by knocking two core rocks against each other with minimum planning Current evidence suggested that Homo erectus is the first hominin species to use stone tools. The production and use of stone tools greatly contributed to hominins’adaptive flexibility, There is no evidence to suggest that Homo floresiensis used tools.

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