Exposing the pineapple to poor conditions caused the protease enzymes to unfold and lose their 3D structure. This made them unable to catalyze chemical reactions anymore What word best describes this situation? O Catalyzing Denaturing Activation Energy Lock and Key 9 1 point Pineapples contain the enzyme protease. which catalyzes the breakdown of proteins. Functioning protease will break down the proteins in gelatin, turning the gelatin into liquid. What should happen to gelatin if added to a protease enzyme that has been exposed to high heat? O Nothing about the gelatin will change O The gelatin with liquify. The gelatin will start to liquity and then return to normal: O The gelatin will change the function of the enzyme 10 1 point What are the requirements for an enzyme to function efficiently: Select all that apply. O Proper pH O Proper Denaturation Proper Temperature Proper Osmolality

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