What are the nerve fibers terminated into the ventroposteromedial nucleus(VPM) of the dorsal thalamus? A Trigeminal lemniscus and taste afferent fibers B Lateral lemniscus and spinal lemniscus с Medial lemniscus and spinal lemniscus Medial lemniscus and lateral lemniscus E Trigeminal lemniscus and spinal lemniscus 10. 单选题 Female, 40 years old, thalamus syndrome caused by thalamus tumor was admitted to the hospital. The brain CT showed that the tumor was in the ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus. What symptoms might the patient have? A Pain, temperature, crude touch disorders of the limbs of the same side B Propriception, pain, temperature, crude touch, two-point discrimination disorders of contralateral trunk and limbs С Variable temperature syndrome D Pain, temperature, touch and two-point discrimination disorders of the limbs of the opposite side E Propriception, deep muscle pain, and vibration sensory disorders of the limbs of the same side

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