The intercalated discs of the myocardium contain desmosomes and gap junctions. Describe the structure and function of desmosomes and gap junctions. 31 Match the following terms A afferent arterioles efferent arterioles Pertubular capillaries Epididymis seminiferous tubules v Uterine tube haploid cells ovulation collecting duct loop of Henle proliferative stage of the menstrual cycle Secretory Phase of the menstrual cycle A. carries unfiltered bood to the glomerulus B. attaches to the uterus and area in which fertilization takes place C. location where sperm mature Doccurs about the 14th day and is caused by the surge of LH E. Where a significant portion of water absorption takes place and where filtrate becomes urine. F. where sperm are produced G.found carrying away filtered blood from the glomerulus H. Where a significant portion of water and ion absorption takes place 1. Ovulation has occurred and the corpus luteum is present found around the tubule system exchanging substances K. Endometrium builds up and graffian follicle present L 23 chromosomes 1 points

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