Paralysis of which of the following muscles would make an individual unable to flex the knee A Quadriceps B. Brachioradiali C. Hamstring muscles 24. John has a difficulty on abducting his arm. What is the prime mover in abduction ? A Pectoralis major B. Deltoid C. Latissimus dorsi D. A and B E B and C 25. With the Bohr effect, more oxygen is released because an A. Decrease in pH (acidosis) weakens the hemoglobin- oxygen bond B. Decrease in pH acidosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond C. Increase in pH alkalosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond D. Increase in pH (alkalosis) weakens the hemoglobin- oxygen bond 26. Mary is in labor to deliver her first child. Which of the following muscle will function ONLY in straining? A Transversus abdominis B. Rectus abdominis C. External oblique D. Internal oblique

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