Time Line of Art spanning from Paleolithic to Post-Modern Art.
Catacomb of Priscilla. Rome, Italy. Late Antique Europe. c.200–400 C.E. Excavated tufa and fresco.
Date: c.200–400 C.E.
Artist: Fossores or specialized workers
Title: The Catacombs of Priscilla
Culture: Byzantine
Location: Via Salaria in Rome
Christian catacombs are extremely important for the history of Christian art as they contain ancient examples in gold glass medallions, sculpture, and fresco. The reason why The Catacombs of Priscilla comes first in the list is because the tombs date the earliest use of Christian symbols when burying our loved ones. Many frescoes in its walls form the central theme of the greatest western artworks providing a crucial glimpse of art among early Christians.

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