Visual Perception
Visual Perception
At one point in my life I used to wonder what color-blindness is all about. It had at one time affected my personality and the self-esteem that I had at one time developed became something that I could not comprehend. Color-blindness is something that is genetically transferred and it causes a deviation in the sensitivity of either green or red sensitive cone cells and results into a confusion of color in the color spectrum. I have been affected by red-green color blindness. This defect came to my knowledge when I was joining kindergarten. It was difficult for me at such an early stage as I could not differentiate between blue and purple, green and red, and green and brown. It was very challenging when coloring my toys, and identifying particular objects during those years.
With time things became more difficult as colors turned to be more confusing. There were many challenges with graphs and matching my clothes. I would go through a lot trying to avoid the high school shame of mismatching colors and therefore I had to take a step of memorizing the color of clothing I had. Every part of my life was embraced with color-blindness and it took me a while to accept who I was. Growing up with friends who would mock you intentionally because of failing to identify the difference between red and green

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