The Assignment
1. Report
This report should detail a sustainability issue related to the IT industry. It can be how IT can be
used in other industries to improve sustainability. Correct research and citations are to be used.
Marks will be given for thestudent demonstrating an understanding of the subject and using
correct citation and referencing.
Marks will be given for:
 Understanding the subject
 References (must be peer reviewed journals)
 Citations
 Grammar and spelling
 Structure (sensible headings and sub-headings)
 Correct terminology
 3rd Person
 Flows nicely
Allocation of marks: 0 to 40 marks
2. Programming Task
Following BREXIT the UK has decided to enter the space race in competition with the USA,
Russia, China, Japan, India and many others. Obviously being a small cash strapped country, we
are going to try to do it on the cheap. This is where you come in! With only payment of up to 60
marks for your assignment (no cash) you are going to design a landing algorithm which will allow
a UK built probe to land on a piece of rock floating in our solar system. This piece of rock could be
as big as Mars or it could be as small as the smallest Asteroid. Your landing algorithm will need to
adapt to whatever its landing on.
The landing algorithm is inside the function “bool landerThruster(double height)”, it is this
function that you have to complete. Please do not alter any of the other code as it is this function
that will be marked in a separate marking program (altering any other part of the program is likely
to lose you marks).
The rest of the program simulates your landing algorithm attempting to land on 1000 different
sized rocks; from Mars size, to Moon size to small Asteroid size. It then gives you a score
between 0 and 60 depending on how many times you landed successfully.In the function “bool landerThruster(double height)” all you need to do is decide when to turn
the thruster on and off. The only input you have is height, height is a measurement of how far
away you are from the piece of rock you want to land on. The landing algorithm gets called once a
second and so you are adjusting thrust every second. Your aim is to softly land on the target rock.
If you approach too fast you will crash. If you slow too early you might burn up all your fuel, you
have a limited supply. If you turn the engine on too early for too long you will drift out into space
and never be seen again.
As students you can download Microsoft Visual Studio and use it for free. You can also compile
and run your C/C++ programs online using the following links.
The zipped Visual Studio project for this assignment is on Blackboard for those using Visual
Studio and the .cpp file is there for everyone else.
Hint: It might be useful to know your velocity, try something like “velocity = height –
Allocation of marks: 0 to 60 marks

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