Survey Questions
Task A
1 Have you heard of the term climate change?
* Yes ________
* No ________
* Am not sure ________
* This is the first question of the survey, it is centered in knowing whether the research respondent answering the question have knowledge on the major topic of the study. The question contains categorical variable and its scale of measurement is nominal.
2 Where did you learn of climate change? (Mark accordingly)
* Television________
* Radio ________
* Newspaper ________
* Internet ________
* Specialist publications/for instance Academic journals ________
* Environmental groups (for instance nature clubs) ________
* At School________
* Government agencies/ information ________
* At Public libraries ________
* Friends or family ________
* Local council ________
* Energy suppliers ________
* Other ________
* The second question of the survey aims at understanding the source of knowledge the respondent had and to evaluate it. It is a categorical question and has nominal scale.
3 How are you likely to trust information you sourced from your given source?

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