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Part 1: Research Proposal
Executive summary
Tasmania Walking Company (TWC) offers sustainable luxury experience through guided walks. Founded by Ken Latona, TWC has been in operation for over 25 years and is targeted towards promoting fitness levels for clients as they walk and navigate through the world’s iconic mountain and coastal sceneries. The objective of the research proposal is to come up marketing-related management decision in order to be successful in future. To achieve this, TWC needs to adopt an approach that is best suited to achieve this objective. The research proposal recommends adopting a customer-focused holistic marketing approach. To clearly understand and address the customer’s needs, TWC should adopt the approach since it is brand-based, effective and long-term single marketing approach which offers integrated unique business aspects for maximum customer satisfaction and product effectiveness (Cătălin, M.C., Andreea, P. and Adina, C., 2014). It is indispensable to strengthen the brand value through relationship marketing which is achievable using the holistic approach. The approach will help TWC achieve external and internal marketing to the target market and employees where each of them will become a brand ambassador. Moreover, the holistic approach is deemed perfect for achieving integrated marketing through the various TWC communication channels. By keeping the brand values simple and with a touch on customer psyche, TWC will profit from solidifying its ‘it’s in our nature’ tagline. To implement the marketing strategy, TWC will have to analyze and identify the cognitive space of its customer, customer psyche in relation to the business, as well as its competence level of TWC in availing products and services. After identifying the highest importance needs of the customers, TWC should consider delivering the values to the customers.
With vast experience in offering adventure walks to targeted high-end clients, Tasmania Walking Company (TWC) ought to invest in strategies that will sustain its brand and profits into the future. It can only do so by clearly understanding the changing needs of its customers. TWC needs to address the following questions:
Research questions
RQ1: Are customers generally satisfied with quality of services offered by TWC?

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