Regression Analysis
Multiple Regressions
The survey adopted the use of multiple regression analysis. The purpose of using regression analysis is to establish the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable. The dependent variable in this survey is the income of the respondent, while the independent variable is race and labour force status.
Question 1: The regression question
Does race and labour force status impact to the individual’s level of income?
Question 2: Results of the regression analysis
The model summary table provides the values of coefficient of determination (R squared) and adjusted R. The model has only two-predictor variables (race and labour force status) hence coefficient of determination shall apply. The coefficient of determination is 0.10 (R2=0.10). The value signifies that the model accounts or explains 10% of the variability in the level of income. The remaining 90% of the variability is unexplained, and other factors not in the model might be explaining such variability.
Model Summary



R Square

Adjusted R Square

Std. Error of the Estimate




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