Hotel Horizon Geneva, which will be located in Geneva, a French speaking part in Switzerland will use a revenue management plan that will integrate all the revenue drivers with the involvement of the sales department and profit centers to maximize the revenues generated. The hotel will be a five star hotel with fully furnished rooms. This will create a strategic view of the beautiful iconic image of Jet D’eau, the recreational parks along the Bains des Paquis, the Rousseau Island and Place du Molard that has interesting night sky-like-pavements that is a popular allure to the people. It will be a leading accommodation provider with unique and state-of-the art facilities. Customers will get quick and satisfying services through the team of dedicated staff that will delight them. 
The hotel will offer 96 two-roomed executive suites ideal for intimate family get together and 104 single roomed executive suites ideal for the young segment. The rooms will have enough space, which will offer comfort to the clients with beautiful spaces. This will offer the occupants with exemplary ambience for relaxing that will accommodate the young people with space to unwind. Rooms will have Jacuzzis with balconies that will provide an ambience view of the beautiful Geneva scenery. It will also have gym facilities to ensure customers fitness and a heated swimming pool that will compliment the cold weather.

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