Action Plan for Performance Appraisals
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Action Plan for Performance Appraisals
The Action Plan’s Goal
The objective of this action plan is to help managers identify how performance appraisals should be utilized to demonstrate training efforts’ success. The management should discuss training needs with their employees annually as part of performance appraisal in realizing institutional goals. Besides, the training needs of newly employed staff will be discussed a month before taking their positions. Employees will be trained on increasing sales that should ultimately lead to increased profitability of the company. In this regard, the Training and Development department will organize training of staff both internally and externally (Hammond & Churchill, 2018). Specific training sessions will be designed to realize identified departmental and organizational needs. The organization will also sponsor staff to attend external training programs.
According to Muhoi (2013), performance appraisal is a way of assessing the performance of employees for a stipulated period. Besides, the training and appraisal process will entail designing work standards, evaluating

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