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How reward success influences contemporary management and teamwork reward.
Reward success influences contemporary management through job effort and performance. Job effort and performance are the way employees increase their productivity based on contingent rewards. Employees are motivated where the reward system aims at compensating workers adequately in the job. Compensation ensures an increase in employee performances. Collectively, when employees receive performance-related rewards, there is improved morale. The enhanced confidence motivates the employees to work towards achieving organizational goals.
Rewards success also influences how employee attends and retains their job. Companies that have adequate reward systems change the consistency of employees to attend their duties. Besides, the system determines a worker’s retention of their career. Where an organization has an appropriate reward system, employees tend to be motivated to deliver to their full potential. Moreover, managers find it easy to delegate work to motivate employees. Employees consistently attend the jobs and remain with the organization hence maintains its skilled workers. Given this, the organizational goals are achieved through reward success
Reward success also influences an employee’s commitment to the company. An effective reward system determines the commitment aspect of individual workers. Motivated employees are committed to the organization’s goals and objectives. Adequate wages and salaries enhance employee’s loyalty and avoid high turnover rates. Managers’ benefit from a dedicated workforce as it is easy to achieve organizational goals given employees are committed to the company.
Teamwork reward is a mechanism that encourages a team of workers in an organization to work towards the objectives of the firm. Managers construct a teamwork reward system that motivates each team through adequate pay compensation, such as a bonus to delivery at their full potential. In this regard, the most performing team is sufficiently

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