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Week 5: Quantitative Analysis Assignment
Summary Data Analysis Form
This is the form you need to use to describe the findings (or results) of your quantitative analyses of the patient safety data set. For each finding, you are given specific instructions on how to use the Excel program to analyze the data that will give you the results you need for this Assignment. When you have completed the analyses and described your findings on this form, you then need to submit it using the Week 5 platform for assignments.
Analysis 1:
What is the mean age of patients in the patient safety data set?
__54.8___ years
* Open up your patient safety data set using the Microsoft Excel program.
* At the top of your screen, click on “Formulas.”
* Highlight Column B, starting at line 2 and ending at line 52.
* Click on “Autosum,” and then click on “Average.”
* You will find the mean age of patients in the data set on line 52 for Column B.
Analysis 2:
What percentage of patients were reported to have fallen during their hospitalization?
__18___ %

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