Angioplasty operation
University of the Sunshine Coast
Diabetic foot ulcer is developed from
uncontrolled diabetes. In diabetic foot ulcer
patient suffering from severe pain, foot
Five journal article were critically evaluated for
the supporting information. The article were both
qualitative and quantitative analysis method. 2
quantitative and 3 qualitative research article has
been used in this research.
deformities, trauma and irritation. The research
is discussed about the diabetic foot ulcer. Now a
days due to adverse food habit, excessive
mental pressure, depression, life stress diabetes
is very common in the people. Diabetic foot
ulcer is developed due to breaking down of skin
tissues and exposing the layers beneath the skin
(Lipsky, 2016). The research has been done in
order to identify what are the causes of diabetic
foot ulcer and what are the preventive methods
and medication of this disease.
The research has shown that
untreated diabetes can be a
cause of diabetic foot ulcer.
There are several treatment
such as negative wound
therapy, hyperbaric oxygen
treatment that are beneficial
for the patient. On the other
hand, clinically uninfected,
insensible, warm foot of
diabetic patient must be
considered as Charcot foot.
Previous research has
Article no
Author and Year
Aim of the research

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