Instructions: Hello, I want you to write a lab report for chemistry. I have attached everything related to this lab report with the checklist to follow.The objective of this experiment is to separate mixtures into their different components to identify and analyze the components of the mixture. Carefully analyze the color changes in relation to the various acid components. The Sample: The main hypothesis is to test whether amino acids can be successfully separated into two unknown mixtures through the process of paper chromatography. This experiment’s significance is widely applicable in pharmaceutical industries whereby the process is vital in preparing large volumes of pharmaceutical compounds, testing the level of purity for trace contaminants, ad separating chiral drugs such as thalidomide, sleeping peel and an antidote for morning sickness in pregnant women. The process is also applicable in hospitals to decipher the level of alcohol in the blood of a patient and perform occupation hygiene investigations such as contamination of surface by specified antineoplastic drugs. Thirdly, the procedure is helpful in forensic science to carry out an analysis of body fluids for illegal substances and to compare a sample obtained at a scene of crime to samples from suspects e.g. blood and fibre. In environmental science, the procedure is used to determine the pollution levels in air and drinking water for instance pesticides. Lastly, the process is employed in manufacturing plants to purify chemical needed to process a product such as pesticides.

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