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Informed Citizen Rhetorical Analysis Paper
The author Sally Pipes in her article ‘Corona Virus is not a good argument for Medicare for All” published in March 12, 2020 in the Washington Examiner, claims that the long waits in hospitals and inadequate healthcare resources are endemic to universal healthcare. She begins by ironically quoting an American politician and former senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders, in an analogy speech which compares healthcare to human rights and concludes that the Corona virus crisis makes it clear that universal healthcare should be paramount CITATION Mat20 l 1033 (Matt Fuller). In the middle of her argument she credibly backs up her statement by providing and extensive evidence of convincing statistical data of Canadian and United Kingdom healthcare system. However, as she concludes the article, the last statement inexorably tries to appeal and win readers emotions to concur that the Universal Healthcare having overwhelmed in Canada, U.S and United Kingdom can’t be a easy deal for United states too.
In the article, Sally begins by ironically employing persuading techniques in order to make an appeal to the readers. She quotes politician who in his statement articulates that the Universal healthcare would be the best policy for United States citizenry during the coronavirus pandemic. Bernie Sanders tries to show the dire need of Universal healthcare by comparing it with human rights. On the same tone, Sally quotes another representative who argues that COVID-19 pandemic is an absolutely argument for “Medical for All’ CITATION CPi20 l 1033 (C.Pipes). Entirely, Sally discusses the unpreparedness of the countries with Socialized medicine that all are ill and it is unprecedented for being overwhelmed by the COVID-19 crisis.

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