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Choose and review ONE of the following documents.
You will need to reference ideas/terminology/and skills learned from chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8. Be sure you have done this week′s readings before attempting this ICP. There are essentially three main types of technical documents. And most technical documents use many features and elements to help a user navigate its contents. Not all documents are effective and I want you to start examining documents for what makes them effective or ineffective.
This requires you to understand the purpose, audience, and message of the document. Mention which document you chose by making it the title of your ICP response. 1. Identify the genre of the document you chose (from the three below). Is it a report, memo, presentation, white paper, PowerPoint, brochure, etc.? What characteristics about the document led you to that conclusion? Who created the document? For whom? And for what purpose? Provide a clear, efficient, paragraph with your answers to this question. 2. Analyze the document you chose (from the three below) and first identify its purpose: is it informative, instructional, persuasive, or blended (see desсrіptions in chapter 1). Explain why you think it is such. Be clear and concise. Provide a brief paragraph. 3. Using previous chapters (5-8) what are some other technical elements/characteristics it uses? Be sure to reference the chapters so you can be clear and use the proper terminology. Some examples might include headings, parallelism, use of white/empty space, fonts, etc. There are so many elements to choose from. I want you to list at least five and explain how they help, or how they inhibit, the document′s use. Not all documents are effective. Your response should be appropriately formatted, be clear and concise, have a minimum of three paragraphs.

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