‘Dreams are Built Overnight’ by David Shands
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‘Dreams are Built Overnight’ by David Shands
David Shands in his book ‘Dreams are built overnight’ he outlines the numerous pointers that shape someone’s life. This book concerns an inventor who is creating his dream during his day’s work. A few points in the book which inspired me I’m going to speak. One is to bring the work to the best advantage. Don’t come to work and it’s just that. David Shands had been working at the Georgian cheesecake plant. He was a waitress. He was a waitress. They say you, as a waitress, how to approach clients. He did stuff a little different from what he could do. He started changing his attitude and working on his skills. Anything close I did for myself. There was a spot on my shift called a facilitator. We hold a production meeting for the week once a week. I have over 20 coworkers to speak to. I’m not a fan of people speaking. Anything or anxiety is the only way to improve. I’ve taken the spot, thus. To reflect on myself, I left my comfort zone. I did that for people to talk comfortably. This is a fine example of how to make the best of your work (Shands, 2015).

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