[Media And Cultural Criticism] Advertisment Analysis
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Dolce Gabbana Perfume Advertisement
In the contemporary marketing field of commercial, business people have transformed the techniques of advertising. Nowadays, printed ads and the ads aim at conveying the specific messages with a single squint have become common. In order to pass distinct inferences and connotation, firms have adopted the habit of selecting suitable combination of signs. The signs can incorporate ingenious and crafty tools like ethos, pathos, and logos. Additionally, conveying a very influential method is achievable by smart usage of features such as rhetorical questions, narratology, semiology, and genre.
Particularly, the above advertisement has made the use of a celebrity effect to inflict a psychosocial impact towards the targeted consumers. Thus, the paper analyses how Dolce Gabbana perfume has been marketed through an ad that directly anchors its elegance an and quality towards its targets.
Customers will expect any form of perfume or cologne to be garden-fresh, glamorous, and aerated in air. Knowing the customers expectations, selecting the tools to include in the advertisement becomes easy (Betterton, 2014). The advert has added a text reading, “Dolce Gabbana, the one” this sent an expectation message to the targeted customers, such that, “the one” will be a product that portrays charm, beauty, and allure. The ad has also included a beautiful picture of a celebrity actress and model Johansson Johansson. The ad has used a woman celebrity because its objective targets are the female customers.

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