Article Title: K, Counting and Cardinality; K-5, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking
The article describes counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking as a way of understanding using numbers. It analyses several progressions that arise from understanding the names of the number and the count sequence: K.CC.1. The progression in operations basically involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The first operations to be taught are addition and subtraction whereby subtraction is comprehended as a reverse in whatever is done in addition. Likewise, students learn the meaning of multiplication and division where division is a reverse in the actions carried out in multiplication. Comprehending all these arithmetic properties helps students build and improve their mathematical knowledge and are therefore able to solve various mathematical problems in real life (Barchers 24).
How the Article relates to what I Have Learned over the Ten Weeks
Over the ten weeks, I have learned the progression in Operations as well as Algebraic Thinking, dealing with the fundamental operations. The article proposes that most standards that fall under the Operations and Algebraic heading mostly involve whole numbers. However, progression is generally significant as it explains concepts, representations, and properties which extend to other systems of numbers, to algebra and measures.

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