Article Summary: How Climate Change Is Already Altering Oceans and Ice, and What’s To Come
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Article Summary: How Climate Change Is Already Altering Oceans and Ice, and What’s To Come
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Maria Temming, a physicist and a prolific science writer at Science News, writes this article. Maria is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in English and Physics from Elon University. In this article, Temming notes that climate change has increasingly become an issue of concern. Glaciers, ice caps, and ice blanket covering seas have started to melt faster due to increased global warming (Temming, 2019). Temming further notes that human actions are to blame for the current global climate change and warming that have continued to affect biodiversity and the quality of human life. The bottom line of the article is that the world may continue to experience the effects of climate change and global warming in the foreseeable future if humanity does not take a collaborative effort to control environmental pollution.
Although the world is projecting to reduce global warming to around 2 degrees before the end of the 20th century, efforts to achieve this target are implemented slowly. Currently, global warming measures at 4 degrees Celsius and may continue to surge if the current trend of environmental pollution and land degradation continues (Temming, 2019). The article indicates that the impact of global warming is evident by melting glaciers and rising sea levels. The regions traditionally known to hold a vast amount of ice, such as Greenland and Antarctica Peninsula, have lost over 278 billion and 155 billion tons of ice from 2006 to 2015 (Temming, 2019). The excessive melting of ice has caused sea levels to rise with about 0.45 millimeters to 0.77 millimeters, hence threatening the lives of the people dwelling along the shorelines.

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