The study involved determining the experience of middle-aged women who are caregivers of individuals living with dementia-related anxieties. The study participants were 12 women aged between 40 and 59 years. The mean age of the participants was 51.90 years. The study sample was picked using a purposive sampling strategy, and semi-structured interviews used in collecting data from the women. The interviews took place over seven months (Kim, et al 2016).
According to the research, the individuals living with dementia is the independent variable since the researcher cannot manipulate it. The experience by the caregivers, as well as the female caregivers is the dependent variable since they rely on the dependent variable. The caregivers felt that taking care of those living with dementia made them lose their identities. The study was conducted using descriptive phenomenological were the collected samples were analyzed using Giorgi’s method (Kim, et al 2016). The collected data included the experience that the caregivers feel about individuals in their families that have dementia-related anxieties.

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