Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or high reliability
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Hospital organizations implement a number of management techniques that best fits patient care. Most of the hospitals have managed to incorporate the high reliability management systems that have ensured a success in the provision of better health care services. Generally, high reliability science seeks to study organizations that operate in environments that are quite hazardous but they still manage to maintain safety. This is mostly seen in the aviation and nuclear power industries. This is a difficult branch to play significance in health organizations but have proved to enable hospitals to attain considerable safety and high levels of quality service delivery to patient care. With the implementation of high reliability organization to healthcare, then it calls for collective mindfulness where all the associated workers in a hospital “look for, and report, small problems or unsafe conditions before they pose a substantial risk to the organization and when they are easy to fix” (Chassin & Loeb, 2013).

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