Start With Why Book Review.
Author: Simon Sinek
Year of Publication: 2009
Published by: The Penguin Group.
Top Lessons Learnt.
From the “Start With Why book,” the top three lessons in my perspective include; for you to inspire others and succeed in business you have to understand and always communicate your “why” first. That inspiration in marketing works better than manipulation in influencing human behavior. This means that people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do.
The principle of the Golden circle.
The golden circle starts inside out from why, how and what. It finds order and predictability in human behavior. He suggests that companies should rather focus on why they are doing something rather than prioritizing on what they are doing. Why defines a purpose, cause or a belief while what is mostly about the variations (different brands). The author says that if focusing on “what” limits a company to doing just one thing they are defining.
The quote “people do not buy what you do the buy why you do it” shows how “why” communicates something deeper.He relies on Apple example to validate how “why” is crucial. That Apple actually communicates their why. Apple Explain that their why is change the status quo followed by how which is making their products easy to use and beautifully designed and what is explained by the great computers, phones , tablets, and mp3 players which they make. By the time we get to what we are already inspired with their product and ready become more willing to purchase them.

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