The report on sales planning and operations identifies how personal selling is supportive to the promotional mix in sales and marketing activities. It identified marketing strategy covering 4 Ps & 7 Ps to set main organizational goals of their marketing strategy. The report evaluates how promotional mix can be contributing to achieve organizational goals by identifying the main objectives of the personal selling. The report also evaluated the role of personal selling to support and facilitates the achievements of organizational goals and their objectives of promotional mix. It also determined buyer behaviours and their decision making process in different situations and how sales professionals can perform their specific roles within the teamwork according to their set marketing strategy. The report also evaluates how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives. It evaluates the importance of recruitment and selection procedures and determines how recruiting the right candidates for the right job help organizations to achieve their sales targets. It also examines the role of motivation, remuneration and the training in the sales management process. Finally, the report evaluates the organizational sales activity & control sales output along with the use, maintenance and update of effective database system in the sales management.

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