Article Critique: Preventive Measures for Fire-Related Injuries
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Article Critique: Preventive Measures for Fire-Related Injuries
The article “Preventive Measures for Fire-Related Injuries and Their Risk Factors in Residential Buildings,” addresses the fire hazards and fire-related injuries and deaths features in residential areas as well as residents of the residential buildings (Shokouhi, 2019). Fire incidences contribute to a large number of loss of lives every year. The article, therefore, aimed at determining the extent of fire threats to resident safety and identifying the preventive measures that can be used to alleviate fire-related injuries in residential buildings. 
The article outlines the injury other effects of fire on people’s lives in residential areas and the threats to resident safety. Similarly, the authors come up with various preventive strategies to fire threats in residential areas, including environmental modification and practicing safety rules among the residents. The article recommends more attention to fire threats by the policymakers to avoid injury in residential areas (Shokouhi, 2019). The study determines the risk factors to fire occurrences to be associated with young residents, drug addicts, and families with low incomes, among other risks. The preventive measures suggested by the authors include behavior changes among residents, especially during fires occurrences, as well as improvements in emergency medical services and awareness rising in relation to fire risks and injuries.

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