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Post-Humanism and Trans-Humanism
Post-humanism refers to the existence of a person or entity being beyond human beings. The concept of post-humanism also implies to the application of technology to improve the cognitive and physical performance of individuals as well as prolong their endurance. Post-humanism is characterized by the perfection and optimization of covert characteristics that are often undermined by certain body limitations. On the other hand, trans-humanism is the ability to utilize the available technology to improve the intellectual capacity of human beings. In other words, trans-humanism reflects the notion or an idea that human beings have the potential to evolve beyond their current mental and physical constraints through the help of technology and science. Both post-humanism and trans-humanism seem to strive towards overcoming the perceived limitations and constraints, improving the individual beyond their current state. Both post-humanism and trans-humanism hold on the views that people should be categorized as non-living things. However, the two movements believe that through bio-interventions and gene manipulation, human beings can extend their abilities beyond normal capabilities.

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