Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma
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Chapter one of the book “Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma” surprise the reader in that it brings out the dilemma of the story. The author writes the book with an enticing story that is related to the history of the United State. Townsend could have done nothing concerning the people in that state in that their aim was based in acquiring the Indian land.
The point’s people are greedy. As seen from the story the Pocahontas people came to India to get gold but instead ended up getting corn in which they did not even bother to know how to grow the corn. Similarly, we find the Pocahontas prudently singing to John Smith on the voices of Mel Gibson: “But I know that every creature has a life, spirit and name”, showing that their culture was more of pride and materials. (p 9)
The Pocahontas people are considered to be racist in that they referred to the Indians as “savages” and “barbaric” after he was taken captive in 1607. John Smith also describes the Indians with a cowardly battle and describes their culture as being “devilish”.

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