Organizational Culture
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Executive summary
The purpose of this report is to discuss different aspects of culture, their relationship to other elements of culture and their contribution. This paper aims to give insight into the organizational culture to understand how organizations can create a healthy culture. The report identifies different types of culture in an organization and their relationships to other elements of an organization and examines the role of culture in attaining the set goals of an organization. Furthermore, it explains the importance of culture and how an organization can grow and maintain a desirable culture.
In today’s world, organizations are giving attention to the culture like never before. This is because they understand that a healthy culture is integral to their foundation and their survival too. Organizations know that the debate on culture is not only a matter of values. They are using different approaches to make sure they are embedded in the organization system to foster appropriate behavior of employees. An organization needs to ensure that culture of rewarding the right behavior and policies and the methods that generate desired behaviors are firmly rooted across their organization. The development of an organization’s operations demands one to understand the overall dynamics culture has upon the day to day activities of an organization. The following is a detailed report about the concept of culture, its importance and how culture relates to other elements of an organization and organizational objectives.

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