The Road by McCarthy
In his novel “The Road”, McCarthy viewed gender as a line between giving up and unrelenting. Women normally gives- up easily in their endeavors while men struggles to the end as they keep trying whatever they do without giving up (McCarthy, 256). McCarthy in this novel depicts women as vessels created to meet their own end. In Butler’s Performative Acts about Gender, she existed to belief on sex/gender distinction. She argues that there is no sex that can exist without an act of gender. Butler belief that all human bodies are gendered at the start of social existence and this existence is social. Gender is viewed as something one does and not something one is. Butler beliefs that gender identity is a sign of a performative achievement which occurs because of social sanction and taboo and is represented by various repetition acts authenticated by individuals .Gender is an act which keeps on shifting and moving over time. Butler believed that a gendered behavior which involves femininity and masculinity is inflicted into a person by an act of performance characterized by normative heterosexuality (Butler, 1).Butler identifies and recommended the far-reaching use of the constitution principle which has to govern each individual’s performance in gender roles to eradicate the gender differences emanating from social sanctions and taboo.

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