Critique of a Nursing Research Article: Self-medication practices among undergraduate nursing and midwifery students in Australia: A cross-sectional study.
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Global best practices require health professionals to be well versed with the most recent practice standards in their field of practice. Conducting quality research is a major requirement for professionals participating in evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practices rely on the outcome of the research to drive clinical decisions and establish care (Black et al., 2015; Yates, 2015). High-quality research enables nursing practitioners to provide patients with updated evidence-based practice which is crucial for improving the quality of care (Padilha, 2011; Curtis et al., 2016; Loversidge, 2016; Moch et al., 2016). Additionally, research enables nursing practitioners to respond effectively to changes in government regulations, patient populations, and healthcare environment.
The efficacy of the research is therefore crucial for elevating the quality of evidence-based practice and the field of the nursing profession (Youngblut and Brooten, 2010; Saunders and Vehvilainen-Julkunen, 2016; (Fiset, Graham and Davies, 2017)). As such, it is essential to evaluate or critique nursing articles to assess their credibility and relevance to clinical practice (Fothergill and Lipp, 2014; Buckley, 2017).

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