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Characters in Thomas King’s Stories
Thomas King is an American Native writer who has done remarkable collections of stories, children’s books, and novels. Some of his published works include Medicine River in 1989, which incorporated humor and dialogue of daily interaction among natives. The book challenges the claim the all Native work of literature is greatly influenced by colonialism, instead of extending their native tradition, through “Godzilla versus Postcolonial.” The other novel is One Good Story, That One, which was published in 1992. The book consists of a collection of short stories still mixed with Native traditional mythology and humor. For instance, in one of the tales in One Good Story, That one novel presents Christopher Columbus’s idea in discovering America, which made the book to be transformed for the children readers (Sellar, 97). Additionally, Thomas King’s published Green Grass, Running Water in 1993, and Truth and Bright Water in 1999. Notably, the novels also maintained the same styles used in the works, as mentioned earlier, by focusing more on Native traditions, characters, and myths (Gruber, 45). This paper aim at discussing the various characters in the stories found in One Good Story, That one novel.
The stories found in the novel, One Good Story, That One include A Coyote Columbus, Totem, Magpies, Trap Lines, The One about Coyote Going West, Borders, Joe the Painter and the Deer Island Massacre, A seat in the Garden, and How Corporal Colin Sterling Saved Blossom, Alberta, and Most of the World as Well (King, Pp 5-15). In all these stories, The Narrator is the most common character, especially when the stories shift from the first person to the third person. However, this happens when the story is written in the first-person position, thus shifting

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