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Book Review: Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose
The book Band of Brothers written by Stephen Ambrose was published in 1992 by Touchstone publishers and went on to achieve critical acclaims as a non-fictitious account of soldiers’ experiences during the Second World War. The historical accounts of the soldier’s experiences were later transformed into a television series adopting the name that Ambrose used for his book. More specifically, Ambrose chronicles the experiences of the soldiers that belonged to Easy Company and formed the 506th regiment. Majorly, the book caps off by implying that the exploits of the Easy Company during the Second World War were a success. Ambrose was not only inspired by his desire to collect historical pieces of information but also by the bond that he had seen develop among the war veterans. While the book analyzes the entire events starting from training to war participation of the soldiers, Ambrose is able to highlight the individual experiences of the paratroopers through their memoirs. Consequently, readers are able to understand the personality of each character and the role it played in the success of the regiment. An important theme that is evident in the book is that of leadership and its influence on the paratrooper’s motivation as well as the relation between leaders and followers which is an essential success component during war periods.

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