Students will select and review an qualitative article. Your article should be based on your research interests.
For each article, you will include the following:
• Complete citation: Full title, all authors (last name, initials), full journal title, year, volume# and page #s
(this ensures that a different person can retrieve the article). Ex:
Ledesma, M. C., & Calderón, D. (2015). Critical race theory in education: A review of past literature and a look to the
future. Qualitative Inquiry, 21(3), 206-222.
• The study purpose and research question(s): A clear statement helps determine if the topic is
important or relevant.
• Literature review: Describe the research included. What gap does this article/study plan on filling?
• Study Design: Was the study design appropriate for this article/research? Consider the following and
describe how they were used:
o Ethnography
o Phenomenology
o Grounded theory
o Participatory action research
o Other study designs
• Qualitative methods: Does the study describe the methods used? Was the method appropriate for
the study design? How?
o Participant observation
o Interviews
o Focus Groups
o Historical Research
o Other qualitative methods
• Sampling: How were participants relevant to the research question and how were they selected?
• Data collection: Was there a complete description of the site, participants?
• Data analysis: Was the analysis inductive and the findings adequately corroborated?
• Findings: Were the findings consistent with and reflective of data?

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