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Working Capital Management Efficiency
The article ‘Working Capital Management Efficiency: A Study on the Small Medium Enterprise in Malaysia’ was written by Kasiran, Mohamad, & Chin in the year 2016. The article is under the journal name Procedia Economics and Finance. The study aims to analyze the effectiveness of working capital management in some small-medium enterprise firms in Malaysia. All selected businesses were listed with the small medium enterprises’ Corporation of Malaysia.
The study explored Efficiency index of small-medium enterprise corporations in Malaysia. To help in achieving the study objectives, the researchers derived secondary data of 50 firms from 2009-2013. The researchers only selected 24 organizations from the small-medium enterprise Corp website for the four years for further analysis. The omitted articles lacked the relevant information. The researchers extracted the data from the income report and balance sheets the companies’ yearly reports. They used three indices to analyze the effectiveness of working capital management. The indices include a performance index of working capital management, utilization index of working capital management, and the effective index of working capital management.

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